How to manage your Quarantine (Netcomputer Only)
Posted by Olivia Xhignesse, Last modified by David Deboeck on 11 April 2019 10:35 AM


To manage your antispam go to or click the link in the antispam report you got in your mailbox.

There you can log in with you email adress and your password

Note: If you have never opened your antispam before you have to create a password by clicking 'wish a password' and following the steps mentionned there.



To acces your blacklist and whitelist, select filtering options in the menu.

Here you can manage which email adresses and domain names you want to allow or block.


To acces your quarantine , click on inbox in the top left menu.

Here you can manage your spam and your graymail. Here you can choose to unsubscribe from newletters, release emails, trust senders and delete emails.


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