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How to configure your Cloudbizz mail in Outlook 2013
Posted by Steve Deboeck, Last modified by David Deboeck on 11 April 2019 10:30 AM


The configuration of your Cloudbizz mail in Outlook 2013 will depend on wether you have a mailbox configured already or not. 

No mailbox configured


When opening Outlook 2013 for the first time, you will receive the window below. Click on Next 



Next,  you will be asked if you want to add an account, choose Yes and click Next


Enter your Cloudbizz info for your email account and click Next

! Attention, the email address requested here will probably be your primary email address but this might not always be the case. If the configuration fails, contact your administrator!


It might happen that Outlook asks you for your password. Enter it, check the Remember my credentials box and click OK


In the window below, check the Modify the account parameters box and click Next


By default, Outlook will only synchronise 1 year of email, which may appear as you there are emails missing in Outlook. Slide the bar to the right to synchronise all.



Another mailbox configured


Open the File menu


Go to Account parameters and again to Account parameters


Click New to add a new account


Then, follow the steps as indicated in the beginning of the guide. 



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