Cloudbizz First Connection (Windows)
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Initial setup in 3 steps on your Windows Client Device

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STEP1: Download & install the Citrix Receiver

  1. Go to and click Download Receiver for Windows



  1. Accept the license agreement and download the file



IMPORTANT: add * in the trusted site zone of Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explore, go to the "TOOLS" menu.

  1. Go to "security"
  2. "Trusted Sites"
  3. Click the "Sites" button
  4. Uncheck the box
  5. Type * in the address bar
  6. Click on add


STEP2: Connect to Cloudbizz

  1. Close all windows and open your browser on , and clic on "Go to your cloud"



STEP3: Log in to access your Cloud Desktop

  1. Insert the username and password received during the activation process



IMPORTANT: To open a full desktop, click on "Start Cloudbizz"


  1. You will receive the screen below during the initial connection , check "do not ask again" and clic on "YES"




  1. Later, you will also see the screen below. Accept and check "Do not ask me again for this site."




  1. To make changes afterwards, simply click on the black Sidebar, preferences, File access and select "Read and Write